Q & A



Hello! Thank you for checking out my spray tan page. I want you to know by choosing us you are in good hands. All my tans are perfection! I won’t leave you if the tan isn’t perfect. If you can follow directions and stay away from water for 3 hours you’ll have a perfect flawless tan for over a week solid!

I used to tan my local regulars every 7 days with the Signature and it was beautiful but now that I have fallen in LOVE with the Express solution I want everyone to have it. It was looking perfect at day 7-8 so now I tan my regulars every 11-12 days!! It’s truly the best product out there and more bang for your buck. Not to mention you can rinse off after 2 hours! Convenient and long lasting. Amazing!

I take my clients tans seriously and take high pride in making each tan flawless. There is no excuse for paying for an organic spray tan and it be wrong or bad looking anywhere. Your hands and feet should look natural and the only thing people should notice is how extra amazing you look.

Thank you again to all my regulars and repeat clients who travel to Maui. My business has grown and is expanding this year to a level I never expected. Trust the best and know I care for myself with high end best products and carry that in the products I carry to share with you. I make this look easy but I have been tanning for 14 years - since college when I had a part time gig. Experts don’t learn over a weekend and no one who works for me is a novice. Nobody is tanning MY clients unless they are a tanning guru.

You have made a great choice with Glow on the Go Maui. I look forward to hearing how much you love your tan!